Our Team

  • Mr. Shiva Ram Basnet


    Tourism is one of the largest industry in Nepal, with many individuals battling it out in this competitive business. Mr. Shiva Ram Basnet  established himself as a remarkable  person in the field of tourism industry with his hard working and intimate knowledge .  He is a friendly, mature and flexible individual with a proven entrepreneurial approach towards the field of trekking and expedition . Starting from bottom  point in  trekking , he achieved an amazing success because of his determined and industrious work in this field . Ability to motivate others, even in times of stress, intrinsic understanding and adherence to strong ethics is the key feature of him. He has dedicated his life in tourism. Mobile + 977-98510-33257

  • Manoj Sunar

    Sales Manager

    Mr. Manoj is enthusiastic, qualified and hard working satff of our office. He is energetic and smart with co-operative and friendly behaviour to everyone. Creating friendly environment, politeness, co-operation and harmony with the clients and guests are his best talents which anyone can not stop describing of him.

  • Pooja Basnet

    Marketing Manager

    She is very well known for marketing strategy to the company  High Spirit Treks and expedition since very long time.She is very friendly with client and very easy to have official deal for bussiness purpose. She has ablity to focus in group and marketing research. Beside ,she is also very dedicated and motivational  to her client.

  • Sitaram Basnet

    Store Keeper/Trekking &Tour Guide

    Mr. Sitaram plans, organizes, directs and controls the activities of his sub-ordinates in the organization. He brings the human resource or human talent of a firm into combination with non-human resources viz. money, materials and machine. He is good organizer, tactful and skillful in dealing and has constantly in touch with the new facts and methods to increase the efficiency.

  • Nar Bahadur Rai (NB)

    Trip Leader (Trekking)

    With many  years of accumulated experience in the field of trekking , Mr. Rai has established himself as a knowledgeable,multilingual and professional guide.He also cover up with good sense of humor and he is co-operative, frank and friendly.He is awarded by number of certificates from reputable institutions admiring his deed hard work  to this field and also has depth knowledge of Nepal, its natural and cultural phenomena, biographical diversities,old heritages, various places and ethnic groups.

  • Dawa Lama

    Trekking/Tour & Climbing Guide

    Dawa Lama is also one of the Enthusiastic,sensitive,energetic and authentic climbing guide of our company.His flexibility,proactive nature and friendly attitude is always praised by our guests.He is also awarded by number of certificates from reputable institutions.He has vast knowledge of Nepal, its natural and cultural phenomena,mountains,old heritages,various places and people.He has a huge experiences about climbing,tours and treks in Nepal.

  • Arjun Rai

    Trekking Guide

    Mr. Arjun Rai is very approachable and informative guide of our company. He is also awarded by number of certificates from reputable institutions and also has vast knowledge about the biography of Nepal and its phenomenas.He is also closely known to different kinds of languages,cultural diversities,places and people from different regions and ethnic groups.Guests exploring with him in the treks couldn't stop praising of his friendly and co-operative behaviour.

  • Phemba Sherpa

    Climbing / Expedition Guide

    As being an experienced mountain climber of our company he is physically and mentally strong, has vast knowledge of terrains, can easily understand the weather and has proficiency in using climbing equipments.  He has successfully leaded and climbs numerous highest mountains above 8000 meter. He always tries to make climb easy and his first priority is to keep his guest safe.

  • Chuda Mani Rai

    Trekking Guide

    He is one of the experienced guide of High Spirit treks & expedition(P)LTD. He brings a great vision and accomplishes his duty with full efforts. He is very good to take care of the guest and make them happy.  He is also awarded by number of certificates from reputable institutions and also has depth knowledge of Nepal, its natural and cultural phenomena, old heritage, various places and people.