Dhaulagiri Region Trekking

Dhaulagiri,Region  which lies north-west to Pokhara and south of Tibet, is the seventh highest mountain peak in the world at an elevation of (8,167m). Dhaulagiri I and Annapurna (8091m) form the deepest gorge in the world in between them in the Kali Gandaki River. The trek also crosses the French pass (5240m/). This encounters exceedingly beautiful Hidden Valley, allows the trekkers to literally touch the majestic mountain Dhaulagiri at Dhaulagiri Base Camp trek that requires a certain degree of experience at high altitude climbing.

The trail will present spectacular views of Dhaulagiri, Thorong peak, Annapurna and Kali Gandaki River gorge. If you are lucky, you will encounter semi-wild yak herds and mountain sheep along the trail. The trail also goes to villages of Nepal’s various ethnic communities such as Gurungs, Chhetris and Magars whose rich and vibrant cultures will enamour you.

Mt. Dhaulagiri (8167m) massif is possible for well-equipped and fully self-sufficient group of trekkers. The trek is started at Beni, the district headquarter of Myagdi. The Dhaulagiri trail follows the Myagdi Khola. Passing through the settlements of Darbang and Muri, the country is still quite heavily populated with scattered villages and farming land. Beyond Muri, the Myagdi Khola swings north and the landscape becomes much more rugged and sparsely populated. The thrilling region has shown its long kept secrets, since reopened of the places like the Gandaki Gorge, the deepest Gorge in the world Dhaulagiri means "white mountain". Although many mountains all over the world have names, which translated mean 'White Mountain', but this is without doubt the most astonishing one.


  • Round Dhaulagiri Trek

    Round Dhaulagiri Trek

    Dhaulagiri Region Trekking
  • Dhaulagiri Base Camp (DBC) Trek

    Dhaulagiri Base Camp (DBC) Trekking

    Dhaulagiri Region Trekking
  • Dhaulagiri Panorama Trek

    Dhaulagiri Panorama Trek

    Dhaulagiri Region Trekking